JCSpaceRadio was conceived by artists Jenn Cooper and Christine Shallenberg in December 2015 as a result of continued intellectual engagement and a desire to challenge cultural norms of communication and perception. We are interested in engaging in a casually critical dialogue with frequencies.

​Inspiration for our endeavors came from the astronauts living and working within the International Space Station and their onboard 2-meter shortwave (HAM) radio. Currently emanating as a conceptual broadcasting station, we are host to bioresonance, binaural, and body-centered tones physically realized through workshops and events.

 We have multi-year goals aimed at the replenishment of sonic experiences desired by physical bodies. Through the use of frequency, we create sonic experiences attuned to body resonances broadcast live in both sound and light. Broadcasts from JCSpaceRadio are transmissions of tones attuned to bodily frequencies.

​JCSpaceRadio’s long term goals include exploring the physicality of sonic experiences, creating participatory structures for public engagement, and facilitating aesthetically driven citizen science. We prioritize direct public engagement with most aspects of the project, and ultimately foster community environments open to discussions of experience, culture, and technology.